Invacare Comfort Sling - Spacer

Invacare Comfort Sling - Spacer

Key Features:

- Supports the whole body

- Suitable for patients with chronic pain

- Suitable for above-knee amputees

- Can be used to transfer patients from lying to seated position

- Spacer Fabric that adapts to the patients body shape

Comfort Sling - Spacer

The Invacare Comfort Sling Spacer is designed to support the whole body and suitable for patients with chronic pain. The Comfort Sling is also suitable for above-knee amputees and those who prefer to remain seated, due to postural pain. The Comfort Sling can be applied whilst the patient is lying down and can transfer them to a seated position. The elastic Spacer Fabric can adapt to the patients body shape.

Sling Material: Spacer

Available in Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

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