Invacare Birdie 180 Electric Leg Charger (with Power Lead)

Invacare Birdie 180 Electric Leg Charger (with Power Lead)

Birdie 180 Electric Leg Battery & Charger Kit

This Charger for the Invacare Birdie 180 Jumbo (Detachable Battery Pack Version). Be assured, our Spare Parts come with a 12 Month Warranty. If you need assistance, please call 01772 814555, our team is here to help. 

Whats Included:


Power Lead

Battery and Charger Kit Version: Jumbo (Detachable Battery Pack Version)

About the Birdie 180 Electric Leg

The Invacare Birdie 180 Electric Leg hoist is designed to transfer patients from floors, chairs and beds. This Hoist version has powered legs. The Hoist is suitable for care home and nursing environments. The Birdie 180 has a high boom allowing patients to be lifted higher. When the boom is in its highest position, space is maximised for the patient making it easier to rotate them. The high boom also reduces the risk of injury as the patients knees are not too close to the Hoists actuator. The Birdie 180 can be folded up for easy storage and transportation, and requires minimal space. The Birdie 180 has a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 180 kg and a total product weight of 42 kg. 

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