Ceiling Lift Track System

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What is a Ceiling lift track system?  

ceiling lift track systemCeiling lift track systems are the safest and smartest systems to transfer people with disabilities or have become classed as Bariatric. When support staff in NHS Hospitals, Care Homes, Residential Living accommodation or people’s homes need to be lifted, it’s safer, more cost effective and moreover, better for the service user.


Why is it safer?

When a person needs lifting by a mobile hoist,  two support staff is required, one will be operating the mobile hoist and the other will be positioning the service user. when that person is being transferred to the toilet, they may need multiple lifts, the more lifts, the more risk.


With a ceiling lift track system, a single care person can support the service-user. Once the service-user is positioned into a sling,  they can be lifted and transferred to the bathroom, lounge, dining area, bedroom etc as the track can be fitted throughout the property.


Is it more cost effective?

As the countries demand on support staff grows, there are less and less staff to go around. This creates stress for the care managers, care staff, families and the people who need care.


With an effective ceiling lift track system, single handed care is a viable solution. Enabling staff to better manage time and the job at hand. Care Homes for instance can increase staff productivity by 80% when they no longer need two people to care for a highly dependent service user.


Why is it better for the service user?

Apart from less lifting and quicker transfer times, the less people needed to lift a person, the more chance they will have of getting up and out of bed at a reasonable hour, as there are many times due to lack of staff, people can’t be assisted due to staff shortages until mid-morning / afternoon.  This is not a reasonable quality of life, especally if that person needs to get to work!


The longer people are lying in bed, the more chances they have of acquiring pressures sores, which is not only a disaster for the service user, but extremely costly to repair. Once, a service user has had a pressure sore, the more likely it will become an issue in the future. This just adds to the workload and certainly effects people’s quality of like!


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