The Latest Oxford Hoists a lighter faster and more mobile hoist

14/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

With the modern Oxford range, you can choose a hoist which is perfectly suited to the needs of the user. Better still, every hoist is now lighter, stronger and more mobile than ever before, meaning that they are easy to use and versatile enough for even the most challenging situations.


Oxford advance hoist


The Oxford Advance hoist is a fantastic all-rounder which ticks virtually every box. It has enough strength to lift up to 155kg/24 stone whilst remaining only 28.9kg in weight for easy transportation. As it folds into two parts, it is also very portable and can easily fit into any car or van.


Whilst being suitable for transportation, the Oxford Advance is also ideal for permanent use in homes, care homes and hospitals. It's easy manoeuvrability, swan-leg design and huge choice of slings makes it perfect for a wide range of uses, whether the user wants to move around in the home or go travelling for an enjoyable day out.


The in-built smart monitor also records the number of lifts, overloads and servicing requirements to keep the hoist safe and well maintained for a longer life.


Oxford Mini


Despite its slender, lightweight frame, the Oxford Mini hoist is strong and robust with a 140kg/22 stone max carry weight to help users feel safe and confident. Another great all-rounder, this hoist is particularly light, portable and mobile whilst being highly cost effective for homes, care homes and hospitals. The low cost combined with the powerful strength and functionality means that it's highly popular in the NHS.


Whilst the lifting weight, lifting height and overall dimensions aren't quite as high as the Advance model, the Oxford Min's low price means that it's ideal for transportation and most in-home situations. The Mini also comes with an emergency descent button, a full range of sling options and the built-in smart monitor.


Oxford Midi


The Oxford Midi Hoist is quite similar to the Mini model. The key difference is that it can carry a higher weight of 180kg/28 stone and also offers slightly higher reach and larger dimensions whilst retaining the same portability and usability of the Oxford Mini. With the same great features of the other hoists in this article, the Oxford Midi is ideal if you want the mobility and portability of the Mini but with a higher carrying weight and more overall versatility when it comes to lifting.


Oxford Presence


The Oxford Presence hoist is designed for bariatric patients and offers a strong lifting power of up to 227kg (35 stone) whilst maintaining a slender and easily manoeuvrable frame. Despite its slim presentation, the Presence is exceptionally durable with a massive range of movement and an outstanding lift range of up to 1910mm.It's mobile frame, swan-leg design and large range of movement gives the Oxford Presence an unprecedented level of versatility for its size. Bariatric patients can be comfortably, securely and swiftly moved, whilst the hoist's design allows it to get closer to large chairs, beds and wheelchairs for easier operation.


The Oxford Presence also comes with the in-built smart monitor and a range of optional add-ons.