Oxford Mini 140 hoists

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Oxford Mini 140 hoists


The Oxford Mini 140 patient hoist is the most popular NHS patient hoist. They are cost effective and last many years, with parts in abundance, again at a very reasonable price.The Oxford Mini 140 Classic hoists have evolved and offer more features to the Pound than any other patient hoist in the Market. The hoist comes in two power alternatives:


Oxford Mini 140 Electric hoist has a lifting capacity of up to 22 Stone (140Kg) and comes with battery and charger.We do recommend a second battery to ensure you've always got a battery on charge, so when you need to replace, your team remain operational and also batteries will last longer as they are not ever left flat, as a battery left uncharged for a Week or more will begin to fail.


The charger is a trickle charger, which means it won't over charge your battery and continues to monitor when left in charger, as soon as it loses a little charge, it will re-charge and keep battery in good condition. We do suggest you fully discharge battery at least once a month for optimum life.


Oxford Mini 140 Hydraulic hoist has a lifting capacity of up to 22 Stone (140Kg) and is a perfect budget hoist and especially in countries with power supply issues.


The new Smart Monitor is a recent addition which enables care homes and nursing homes to easily diagnose how the hoist is being used, data reports will inform you of how many lifts have been made, has it been overloaded, warn you of any technical faults and how many lifts the hoist has made in total and when your Oxford Mini hoist is due a service.


You can have a free demonstration of the Oxford Mini Hoists which will life a maximum weight if 140Kg or 23 Stone, please call or complete our request form.