Portable Hoist

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What is a Portable Hoist? 

Portable hoists are an extremely important accessory for someone who has a disability and desires to travel away from home.  What a portable hoist like the Oxford Advance Portable Hoist  does is lift a person from one position to another, safely and furthermore, ensuring the person lifting that person does not in turn hurt themselves.

What sort of lifting is it used for?

There are several scenarios in which the Oxford Advance assists a person with a disability.

  • Lifted from Bed to Chair or Wheelchair
  • Lifted from Wheelchair to Sofa
  • Lifted from Wheelchair to Quad bike (yes, we've done that)
  • Someone falls out their chair to the floor, with the Oxford Advance hoist, their carer can safely lift them back into the sitting position without injuring themselves.
  • Children like being on the floor with their friends, again safely lower and lift them with confidence
  • Outside, people may wish to like on the grass with friends, which is achievable with the Oxford Advance (tip: if ground soft, slip two empty flattened cans under front castors)
  • Camping: So, people can sleep in a tent outside, you can safely lower and lift them off the ground
  • Accessible toilets: Easily fold the Oxford Advance and wheel it to the accessible bathroom, then lift the disabled person from wheelchair to toilet.  You can use the Oxford Toilet Sling and keep service-user in sling and hover over the toilet, easy access to clean the service user after they have completed toileting

These are a few examples, please do share your experiences and tips, so we can share the knowledge.

How do we know so much?

The Managing Director (Owner) of AAL LTD is a paraplegic and has experiences of using the Oxford Advance hoist.  Stephen has been in a wheelchair since 1992 after suffering a spinal injury due to a motorbike accident, whilst serving in the Royal Air Force.  Stephen initially began business with www.accessatlast.com which is a website promoting properties with level access showers.

What became apparent is when people with disabilities travel away from home, they need a vast number of accessories like a hoist to comfortably travel.  So Stephen sourced and promoted such equipment.  We work with the best Suppliers in the UK,  we are not the cheapest as we sell quality.  We pride ourselves on providing the full package!  AAL LTD Supply, Install, Service and maintain all our equipment.

Our engineers are accredited on all the products we sell.    If you need help and advice, you only need to call us on 01772 814555.